Our identity is shaped by the people who work for TRUE SPIRITS. This colourful team of experienced professionals has great ambitions and these are implemented with passion every day. We are characterised by correct German with a Salzburg dialect and a British humour. With curiosity and humility, this team takes TRUE SPIRITS to the next level. Our partners also benefit from this, because real trust can only be created if you add value. The success of TRUE SPIRITS is closely linked to that of its authentic partners.

“Only those who strive themselves, can spur on others.”

© Hermann Lahm (*1948, Poet)

Michael Mattersberger
Over the past 20 years, Michael has developed market strategies for the global distribution of international brands. With TRUE SPIRITS he changes the barriers of the industry, which he has experienced himself for over 20 years. He loves the outdoors and culinary delights from around the world.
- Trustworthy
- Respectful
- Unique
- Ethical
- Straight
- Partnerships
- Ingenious
- Real
- Innovative
- Team Player
- Serious
  • Paul Brady
    Head of Digital
    "A real Brit with an Austrian charm. As Head of Digital Paul takes care of exactly what you see today and what you follow tomorrow along with our global digital presence."
  • René Prehnal
    Sales Manager
    "Rene takes care of sales and supports the partners with words and deeds on a daily basis. As Sales Manager he's always closely connected to the market."
  • Christopher Habersatter
    Media Production Specialist
    "The Salzburger who is in front of, behind, beside and with the camera. Christopher delivers spot-on communication in both words and pictures. Here, he supports the team in the area of social media and online presence."
  • Michael Schneeberger
    Technology Partner
    "A sports fanatic who prefers to juggle data sets than philosophize about spirits. Michael's expertise lies in digitally bypassing industry barriers for the TRUE SPIRITS partners."
  • Sarah Liewehr
    Content & Communication
    "Sarah, who hails from southern Germany and resides in Berlin, is a master wordsmith and loves communication in a cultivated atmosphere. With attention to detail, charme and that certain written zing, she immediately puts the reader under her spell."