Company: Distillerie de Labourdonnais

Who am I: Producer
Origin: Mauritius



Domaine de Labourdonnais combines unique know-how and original recipes to create top quality rums with that authentic Mauritius taste.

With a view to diversify its sugarcane production, La Rhumerie des Mascareignes was setup in 2006, which was then renamed La Distillerie de Labourdonnais eight years later. This is where the rum magic happens.

Our diverse rums are appreciated for their finesse which comes from our special production and conservation methods. They are column distilled and undergo their ageing process in various French or American oak barrels, which we have carefully selected to deliver delicious aged rums.



Historic Rums

World Famous

World Famous





Award Winning

Award Winning


Distillerie de Labourdonnais has also diversified its offering and developed three further unique products, including:

Panela, an integral, raw or unrefined natural sugar obtained from the controlled boiling and evaporation of pure sugarcane juice. Panela retains almost all the micronutrients that are present in cane juice, since the discarded molasses in the production of white sugar are kept within. This type of sugar has a desirable taste and can be used as normal sugar, adding a sweeter touch to your dishes and drinks.

Siro Kann, a sugar syrup made from fresh sugarcane juice harvested on the estate and brought to our site for manufacturing. Siro Kann retains almost all the beneficial minerals that are present in cane juice. Sweet and intense, it is often used as a substitute to honey or consumed on its own.

Esprit d’Épices bags are made of dried fruits, spices and leaves, mixed together according to established recipes to enable the making of homemade “rhum arrangé”. All ingredients are obtained locally from our own orchards, and processed on site by our team.



Classic range
The “Classic” range comprises different white and amber rums, offering different aromas and flavours for rum enthusiasts’ greatest pleasure:

White rums
- Original – 50% Vol
- Classic – 40% Vol

Amber rums
- Classic gold – 40% Vol
- Spiced gold – 40% Vol

Fusion range
The “Fusion” range offers a selection of refined rums made from fruits and spices harvested on Domaine de Labourdonnais. The mix results from a natural maceration of fruits and spices from our orchards, which are then fermented for up to three months before being filtered and bottled.

A variety of delicious flavours:
- Vanilla
- Spices
- Ginger
- Coffee-vanilla
- Calamondin
- Lemongrass

Prestige range – Old rums
Our rum cellar holds several types of barrels and our rums are aged in old Cognac, Bourbon, Port or American Whisky barrels, as well as new Sauternes and French oak casks. These aging processes enhance the different rums, giving them their exceptional aromas.
- Gentlemen Single Cask 9 YO – 42% Vol
- Amelia 2 YO – 40% Vol

We specialise in rum made from the first press of sugar cane juice

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Country: Mauritius

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  • Lady Blue
    40% abv - 700ml
    Rum / Rhum Pure Sugar Cane - Mauritius
  • Amelia
    40% abv - 700ml
    Rum / Rhum Pure Sugar Cane - Mauritius
  • Gentlemen Single Cask
    42% abv - 500ml
    Rum / Rhum Pure Sugar Cane - Mauritius